Everything for your well-being

The Michlifen Resort & Golf Spa is an exceptional mountain spa. This 3,500 m2 area is dedicated to your well-being and relaxation.

The Spa subtly interweaves contemporary style (fur armchairs, driftwood, light fittings with geometric patterns), Berber architecture (rammed-earth walls, tataoui ceilings) and Hispano-Moresque art with finely sculpted wood.

Enter a unique and harmonious world!

Water – Source of Life!

Like a refreshing source, water is present throughout.

It irrigates the Spa and reflects Ifrane, a region of lakes and sources. Discrete and soothing, a narrow stream of water recalls its presence on each side of the corridors. Each treatment booth is named after a lake.

The Spa's treatments themselves are closely intertwined with the beneficial and replenishing properties of water.

Our Spa Menu

Our expert massages and treatments

Eight treatments booths (five individual booths and three for couples) are provided for guests.

They are soothing cocoons for moments of total relaxation. The materials here are also noble and natural. Allow yourself to be guided by our team of professionals, who are fully attentive to your needs. A refreshing facial treatment with honey and argan oil? An invigorating or relaxing full-body massage? For each of your wants or needs, the Spa at Michlifen Resort & Golf has a dedicated treatment.

Our personalised service provides a stimulating sensory experience. The Spa's special feature?

The Michlifen Signature massage... pure pleasure!

Two Hammams

We have two dedicated Hammams for ladies and gentlemen. Ladies are welcomed by two feminine silhouettes.

Treat yourself to the special experience of a Hammam bath, and enjoy this ancestral ritual that is fully devoted to the well-being of your mind and body.

Inside, there are small alcoves and marble floors set off against traditional mosaics. The atmosphere is hot, steamy, and luxurious. Follow each step, from the rest room to the cold plunge pool, exfoliation tables and steam room…

A wonderful experience.

Our balneotherapy centre

  • The Siesta: Total relaxation

Still water treatment with essential oils, combined with chromotherapy, against a backdrop of soothing music.

  • The Dulce: Back relaxation

Hydro-massage pool (180 water jets) with soothing essential oils to relax the back of the body, as well as detoxifying sea salt.

  • Affusion shower: Massage

Four-handed massage for the back and legs, beneath a fine warm-water spray.

  • The Lido: Detoxification

An algae or clay body wrap in a heated blanket following a massage to drain cellulite and on a floating bed for comfort and effectiveness.

  • Jet shower: Stimulation

Draining and stimulating treatment using a long-distance jet spray to improve blood flow and break down cellulite. An ideal treatment for fatigue.