Exceptional Suite

They are the quintessence of the Michlifen Resort & Golf's refinement.

Throughout your stay our team is on hand to organise meals, activities and other events.

Exceptional Suite

Our two Exceptional Suites are duplex apartments located on the hotel's top floor.

A private lift leading to a beautiful entrance ensures absolute discretion.

The interior is exceptionally spacious and a large bay window offers a stunning view of Ifrane, the forests and the mountains in the distance. The rooms are huge (with a total of 750 m2), the materials are noble (solid wood, marble, slate, gilding), the fabrics are precious, and the technology is cutting edge.

Everything comes together to create a unique stay and an unparalleled experience: the cosiness and comfort of a luxury chalet with the services of a five-star hotel.

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Exceptional Suite Lounge
Exceptional Suite Lounge

The Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion is located outside in the park, in a quiet and secluded setting.

It offers the promise of absolute privacy for guests looking for an exclusive stay.

400 mof luxury, refinement and warmth (with a magnificent fireplace), for you and your family. Beauty and elegance reign, with art objects and master paintings dotted around the rooms.

Make your stay in the mountains an unforgettable experience. 

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Exceptional Suite Lounge

A snug atmosphere

Whatever the style, our Deluxe Rooms offer a snug and deliciously comfortable setting for a superb stay at the Michlifen Resort & Golf Club.

Some of our Deluxe Rooms and Suites are adjoining. 

Exceptional Suite Lounge