A children's paradise!

A whole world devoted to your children! The Kid’s Club at Michlifen Resort & Golf welcomes kids and teenagers for happy and lively moments throughout the day.

Perfect for your holidays as a family… For all ages and all tastes.

Different leisure activities for every age group

For our youngest guests, there is a vast play mat as well as activities including workshops (colouring, cutting out, etc.) and fancy dress, with magnificent traditional Berber costumes, which are captured by photos taken in a typical salon setting.

For older children, attractions include games consoles, billiard and ping pong tables, and board games.

Children of all ages are sure to find something to suit their taste. They are looked after by our team of professional child carers.

There are also puzzles, plasticine, warm-up exercises, musical activities and more.

All seasons

Whatever the season, the Kid’s Club offers a unique range of activities.

When the weather is fine, children can make the most of the exceptional surroundings, in the heart of a beautifully preserved natural setting, as they discover the flora and fauna, explore the Michlifen Resort & Golf's vegetable garden and educational farm, go fishing, ride bikes, and play paintball, tennis or football on our grounds.

All of these outdoor activities can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike!

You can also plant a tree, learn how to play basketball and more.

The secret of the Kid’s Club? Its dedicated cinema room with films suitable for kids, comfy seats and modern video equipment… Shhh! The film's about to start!