To each bar its ambiance

At the heart of the Michlifen Resort & Golf Club


The Lounja bar is an excellent place to get together at any time of the day, in an oh-so-British atmosphere.

Imagine majestic columns made of Timahdite stone and, in the middle, a fire crackling in an open-sided stone fireplace, with a large overmantel mirror.

Warm and welcoming luxury

Dotted around are cosy, secluded lounges, where Ralph Lauren sofas and Chesterfield leather club armchairs sit alongside chequered hide rugs. Authentic and noble materials, harmonious warm shades and subdued lighting set the tone.

Enjoy a fresh fruit juice or non-alcoholic cocktail during the day, or sip a spirit as you listen to the live pianist.

Enjoy the jazzy, relaxed atmosphere and beautiful moments to be shared... 

The swimming pool

Feel like a snack while you're relaxing by the pool or after a few laps?

The swimming pool serves snacks and refreshments throughout the day, to share around a table or on your deck chair.

Enjoy the idle life!